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3 Areas Where Your Business Property Needs a Camera

Running a business is such a great accomplishment. However, with great success comes great responsibility. It has now become your responsibility to not only provide a great service but to also protect your work and whomever else is involved with the company. This includes the safety of the workplace. You want to make sure your security is up to date to ensure protection, and you want to make sure it's also done so that it won't break the bank.

ATI stands for Affordable Technology Inc., and when you're working with ATI, you are getting its definition- affordable technology. ATI has always provided custom solutions for clients that are both practical and affordable. With that being said, you can trust us to install a camera at the best prices possible with the best care and attention possible. Still not sure if your business building needs a camera upgrade? Take a look at some more reasons:

Getting Main Entry and Exit Cameras

First and foremost, getting cameras installed in the most popular foot traffic spot of your building is needed to see who walks in and out of your businesses. Whether the people walking in are regulars or come in occasionally, it's important to keep a track record of who shows up in your building, in case you ever need to play back footage.

Some highly recommended cameras include ones that can get a wider perspective of the surrounded area, ones that focus on who's coming from afar and ones where you can get a good picture of who's visiting the building at night. You want cameras where the visibility factor is strong to be able to tell who is coming into your building.

Most Crowded Place Camera

What this means is that you're going to want to have cameras in the areas where people gather most, either that are frequented often individually or in large groups. Examples include reception areas, patios, recreation, and other places you'd believe crowds would gather, or people would visit most often.

Cameras in these specific areas are great because a lot of foot traffic happens in these locations, which means a lot of things could happen there. For example, having a camera at the reception areas shows who's coming into your building and who they spoke with to gain access into the rest of the building. As far as patios go, you can see if anyone in the company is taking a break, or if anyone is on the patio who is not supposed to be. Also, if there's a large crowd on the patio, a camera allows you to look back at things on video that may not have been noticed at the time of the actual crowded event.

Essential Storage and Valuables

Chances are if you run a company, you have a lot of data and other valuables that need to be protected. Along with other security, having cameras in the rooms where you store important files and other items is great to have. If someone goes into those rooms, you can see what they're doing in there. You can see if the person who's in there was granted access or broke in.

It's definitely important to make sure anything valuable and/or not for the public eye is stored safely. Just like when you protect your workers, you want to make sure your company valuables are safe as well. A camera, even just when visible to the public eye, adds an additional layer of security to make anyone who enters the vicinity well aware that they're being watched.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact ATI today for a zero-pressure consultation to discover what solutions may be best to help accomplish your technology needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

James Needham

Owner and CEO, ATI

Proudly Protecting and Enhancing Southern California Properties Since 2008.

High Desert, Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles area.


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