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3 Solar-Powered Outdoor Devices for Your Home

Solar power is both environmentally friendly and a great way to save you money on your next energy bill. This is because solar energy uses the Sun by converting sunlight into electrical energy either through photovoltaic (PV) panels. Or, through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation. Solar-powered is becoming a cost-effective way of life, and it's great to have equipment that generates electricity, solar thermal energy, and solar architecture.

With that being said, having a home that has solar-powered technology is not only efficient but better for your budget. The outside of your home is the perfect place to put solar-powered technology to the test. Here are some solar-paneled outdoor devices for your home that will be worth installing!

Soliom S600 Solar Outdoor Security Camera

If you're looking for a good outdoor security camera, why not try one that's powered by the sun? Try the Soliom S60 Solar Outdoor Security Camera that requires no wires. You can mount it anywhere outside of your home. Just one hour of sunlight gives you 24 hours of video recording, so you're pretty much set once this is installed.

The solar outdoor security camera has both motion detection and night vision up to 50 feet, so you know your home is secure at all times throughout the day. Furthermore, it functions like other smart security systems and has a wireless connection. You can connect the device to an app that gives you cloud storage for any video your surveillance takes.

BRIMMEL Solar Lighting Fixture

A great outdoor light, the BRIMMEL solar lighting fixture recharges with a built-in PV panel, meaning you can use it outdoors with no wiring. You can hang this lamp by your front door, on your deck, or anywhere you need it, and can operate for up to 10 hours if its battery is fully charged. It only needs 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to recharge, which is perfect for nightfall.

This light fixture has two automatic options. You can switch it on in the dark with its photocell. Or, the light can be motion-sensor and turn on when someone approaches within the range.

Purple Leafe Solar Patio Umbrella

This may not be something you think that you would need but think of how many times you've sat out on your patio with good company until dark. You may not have any lights outside, or at least not enough of them to see. This solar patio umbrella is perfect for those occasions, or even if you just want to stay out during a beautiful night.

Just like a regular patio umbrella, it features an adjustable height and opening angle, operated with a crank lift handle, and it can rotate 360° around its mast. However, this umbrella features built-in solar panels and LED lights. The double-top design of the umbrella brings you both shading and cover during the day, but also generates its own charge for the LEDs.

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