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3 Tech. Gifts that May Surprise You

There are so many different types of technology out there. From TVs to smart home appliances, to gadgets that can fit in the palm of your hand, there are plenty of tech options that can be gifted. However, with the latest and greatest technology advancements, you might be looking at a hefty price to pay. But there is some good news- not all tech gifts have to be expensive.

You've heard that right, technology can be given as a gift for the holidays this year and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for them. Missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Don't fret! These tech gifts will make really awesome presents and won't break the bank. Check out our top 3 picks!

Souse Vide Cooker

For the chef in your life (or maybe the person who needs all the help in the kitchen that they can get), this Souse Vide Cooker is the tool to use. With 4 preset cooking settings, this 1300W gadget is the perfect tool that let the water circulation heats water fast, checks the temperature to make sure it's cooked to perfection and has a timer to ensure you don't overcook...all for $53!

Safety-wise, the tool is waterproof certified, meaning there is no risk of steam entering into the internal parts. When the water level is lower than the minimum, the cooker will stop working and notify you. The alarm also goes off when the temperature reaches its desired setting.

Pathfinder Lighted Beanie

L.L. Bean's Pathfinder Lighted Beanie is the perfect safety hat for when you're in the dark. Whether you're a runner taking a late-night jog, a pet owner walking their dog before bed, or hiking before sunrise, this beanie lights up so cars and other people can see you coming. Great for your protection (and will also keep your head super warm for those colder nights).

Currently $30, you can get this lightweight, comfortable, and practical hat made from soft, smooth fleece with a moisture-wicking lining to keep you warm. Never have to carry a flashlight again!

CATCH:1 Essentials Wireless Charger

Say goodbye to charging chords that tangle, rip, and are falling apart at the seams, and say hello to a wireless charger that you can bring with you anywhere without hassle. The CATCH:1 Essentials Wireless Charger is portable and small so it can be placed on any surface like a desk, end table, or kitchen counter. It is also weighted and non-slip so your tech stays put and will not fall when you're charging. Wrapped in leather and aluminum alloy, the charger can use up to 10W wireless output, is Qi-Certified fast wireless charging, and can charge through most cases that are up to 3mm in thickness.

This wonder tool can be yours at $40 and should last you longer than those stingy chords. However, you also get a 1-year warranty if you do need a new one.

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