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3 Upgrades to Protect Your Home this Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner, which means people and their families will be on vacations and out of their homes. Leaving the house for a long period of time can make you feel uneasy, so you want to make sure you have the right security protection for when you're gone. There are several ways to ensure your home is protected whether you're in the house, gone for the day, or gone for a week. Here's how you can upgrade your home for spring break:

Video Surveillance

Probably one of the most popular methods of home security, video surveillance allows you to see what goes on both outside and inside of your home.

Outdoor video surveillance can be captured around the house; front door, side doors, and back doors. This will give you full coverage of the house during any time of day, even at tougher angles. Video surveillance in the front of the house could also include a security doorbell, which detects motion and notifies you immediately, whether they're ringing the doorbell or not. Using an app, you'll be able to see all of the action that takes place at your doorstep or around the house, whether you're home or not.

Indoor video surveillance is also a great idea, so you can see live-action footage of what's going on in your home. This is especially great for those with animals, or if you want to keep an eye out for your housekeeper or house sitter while you're not around.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are perfect for when you're away from the home, as they allow you to lock or unlock a door, window, or whatever it may be just by using an authorized device, like your cell phone. Think of how you're able to start a car from an app on your phone; it's essentially the same idea.

Smart locks can also be voice controlled, so no one can unlock or lock a device without your voice, adding an extra layer of security in case you do not have your phone or other Bluetooth device on you. Overall, you will be able to have full control of the lock situation, even when you're not home.

Having smart locks are also fantastic for those who lose their house keys easily, or fear they could get stolen. Never have to worry about carrying a key again with a smart lock system in the palm of your hand.

Smart Lighting

Did you know you could program the lights in your home to turn on and off in different modes or settings? This program allows you to even pre-program certain light modes, such as a "vacation mode," which will turn the lights on at specific times throughout the day and night so it seems as if you're home (even though you're not).

This is usually done by one controlled/centralized area and typically uses smart bulbs. You can do this all through a smartphone, tablet, or home-automation hub. Plus, using smart bulbs cuts down the cost of your electricity since they last longer, which is great if you plan on turning the lights on in your home when you're away.

Smart lighting also gives you full control of your home when you're away, and is a positive alternative to typical light switches around the house.

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