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3 Water Leak Detection Technologies to Consider

Water leaks are no joke. If you have faulty pipes, you might get serious respiration damage as well as growing surface mold in affected areas. This mold can cause health problems like eye irritation, rashes, fever, coughs, and respiratory diseases. That's why a leak detection system can be important to have. To prevent serious damage, a water leak detection system monitors the flow of water through a pipeline and helps prevent a problem before it's too late. With a detection system, you'll be alerted of any leak, big or small, and it can cut off the water flow by closing a valve within the leak detector.

While a water leak detection system is great to have, it's important to know which ones are the best for your home. That's why we came up with the top 3 water leak detection technologies to consider.

Moen Flo, Phyn, Flume 2, Water Detector Installation

Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector

If you're looking for a fast-acting detector that will take the problem and fix it within a jiffy, look at the Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector. It will not only let you know when something in your house has sprung a leak, but when connecting it with the Flo Smart Water Shutoff valve, it will prevent further damage by turning off your water supply, making it a very responsive detector.

Furthermore, you can also receive humidity and temperature alerts to let you know when anything is out of sorts. The detector is easy to install, giving you an overall hassle-free product, and it includes an extension cable if you need it.

Phyn Smart Water Sensor

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor is easy to install anywhere in your home, allowing you to place it anywhere that you need it. The system senses and will inform you when you’ve sprung a leak. It can also indicate when your temperature and humidity thresholds are breached. This quick-service sensor works with the Phyn-Plus auto-shut-off valve that can automatically shut down the valve closest to the leak that's been sprung. If you do want the sensor cable, however, it does cost extra, but might be worth the purchase!

Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor

The Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor is different from most sensors because it's a wireless whole-home smart water monitor that connects to your smartphone as well as Amazon Alexa to detect leaks (yes, you can use Amazon Alexa voice commands to give you the information, making it easy and efficient). While it does not automatically shut off the valve for you, the system also informs you on much water you’re using, which allows you to make changes to your usage accordingly if needed.

This easy-to-install monitor does not require plumbing work or wiring. However, it's important to note that there are still limited smart integrations, and while it can use Amazon Alexa, it doesn't support Google Assistant, IFTTT, or HomeKit.

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