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3 Ways Schools Can Be More Secure Through Technology

There are always reasons to make schools safer, and there are many ways to do so, especially as technology advances. As a parent, you want to ensure your child is safe in the school system. As a faculty and staff member, you want to make sure you are protected in your place of work. Let's explain how to make your school the safest it can possibly be to give you the best outcome.

Card Access Control

A card access control system allows certain people access into the building, which is great for staff members of the school. Think of these as ID badges that can track who gets into the school. There's a record as well of when you come in. You'll be able to monitor the entire building or campus from a central location, so you know it's also in a controlled environment. Since there are so many classrooms and offices, the one designated location for access control is perfect to keep everything organized.

With this control system, you can also lock a door or lock down the entire building with the click of a button. In case of any emergency, you will be able to control the system and how it shuts down. The card will be unable to access the doors until you turn the system back on, giving you full control of the security and how you protect your school.

Video Surveillance

Very similar to card access control, video surveillance helps you see who comes in and out of the building in that same control panel room where you have all the security. The presence of cameras will not only keep the campus safe from intruders, but will also deter misbehaving. For example, there may be a lesser chance of not only crime, but bullying and school violence as well. It also helps educators to monitor and address ongoing issues if they're seeing a problem through the cameras.

Wouldn't you feel better if you knew your kid was going to school in a safe environment thanks to a watchful eye? There are also different types of security cameras you can install to ensure you get the best option for your school. There are cameras that rotate and give wider angles, ones that are better for the night time, and cameras that can tilt up/down and left/right.

Smart Locks

It may sound crazy, but picking locks is a very common way to break into a school. Smart locks are an efficient way to make sure your school is up to date with the times. They are a digital hybrid system that will help prevent break-ins and keep your school safe, even when no one is around.

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock, designed to perform locking and unlocking on doors when it receives instructions from an authorized device (such as a control panel). With a simple touch of a button from one device, you can control what gets locked and when. And, if you think you forgot to lock a door, you'll be able to check from wherever you are in the moment, allowing you to have a peace of mind at any time.

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