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3 Ways Technology Can Enhance an Office Environment

Just like your business, technology adapts with the times. As life gets increasingly more advanced, you want to make sure that your business does the same, and that goes for stepping up your office space as well. The office environment is a pivotal point to how your company runs, so you want to make sure you're getting the most up-to-date technology to help you out. We have a few tips on how to make sure that happens.

Smart Lighting with Colors and Dimming

Smart lighting is an advanced way to light up (and darken) your office space. Smart LED bulbs feature software that connects to an app on your phone or on a tablet, or even on a smart accessory connected to your office. This helps you control your lights from the tablet or set them automatically, eliminating traditional wall switches. You'll be able to control the conference room from your desk, or without getting out of your seat.

With smart lighting, you'll be able to dim and brighten the lights for a big presentation. You'll even be able to switch the colors of the smart light bulbs to less harsh colors, or even fun ones like green or red if you want to break the office mold or have an office party.

The smart light system is easy to use, energy efficient because they're LED bulbs, and easy to connect to any tablet you may have.

Campus-Wide Audio Systems

There are many opportunities to have some sort of system that works all over the campus. Campus doesn't have to mean school; it can mean your company that features multiple buildings (such as the service garage, main office, and side offices).

What this system provides is communication to multi-building or multi-campus school or corporate environments. This is great for emergency alerts, where you can install panic buttons and blue-light systems. If you are walking around the vicinity and feel unsafe, find the nearest blue-light system or panic button and press it. It connects to your local security and they will be by yourself within minutes. They are strategically placed and can also be used by the administration to initiate a lock down or emergency evacuation.

An audio system can also act as a large voice-over that can call announcements or other important information that will spread throughout the campus for all to hear. It's efficient, quick, and easy!

Campus-Wide TV Screens and Video

Having a system that includes TV screens and videos throughout the campus is a great way to efficiently connect the community. There are also so many options to choose from when it comes to TV screens and video. Which TVs will be good for outdoor use? What works better in the conference rooms? All this involves strategic planning of digital signage, which is worth the time and investment. This gives you a planned, organized option to make sure your campus runs smoothly.

Throughout campus, you can control which TVs are playing what content. One room can display upcoming events, while another can play what's for lunch in your cafeteria. You can also control switching the content for important updates or urgent alerts. You'll have full control of displaying real-time information and programs through direct live links to external or internal media portals and information sources, but also have "target casting," which is the capability of tailoring content to be shown on select screens.

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