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5 Ways to Know if Your Business Property Needs an Upgrade

Having a long-standing business is am amazing thing. It means you're trustworthy, reliable, and you're business is going strong. However, with a long-running business comes a lot of changes to keep up with the times. It can be hard to part with old habits. but when it's for the better of your business, it's worth the change. But how do you know if your company needs an upgrade? We've got tell-tale signs.

Do You Have Mobile Access to Your Systems?

A mobile access control system takes mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and wearable electronic devices (like a smart watch) and allows them to function as a user's credentials to enter offices or other business facilities. This is great for each employee to use their own devices through app access. Typically, mobile access control works through Bluetooth, allowing phones or other devices to communicate with a reader placed on a door or elsewhere. A secure Bluetooth connection can be established from a few feet away.

This can replace card access control or be used together, helping each area of your office space develop with the touch of a button or swipe of a card. There are also a variety of access control systems, such as systems operated by local servers, personalized and cloud-based access control systems with numerous high-end features (which is also an economical option for long-term applications). The major types of smartphone door access control systems are IP systems, control panel systems, and mobile access credentials.

The point being with mobile access? You'll be in control of who gets what information and what they're able to do with that control.

Do You Have Real-Time Alerts?

Having real-time alerts not only upgrade your office, but also an important feature to add. A real-time alert system ensures that the information submitted for an incident report isn't lost in paperwork, and is a more organized filing system. Instead, relevant parties (like the security company's back office staff or a client representative) receive an immediate notification for the incident report. This is important because incidents can be resolved quicker and more efficiently.

You can even customize a report template, allowing management to create an easy-to-use interface with mandatory information fields, which ensures that guards/security can submit all data to the necessary report. Issues can be as small as a leaky faucet to a large, broken elevator issue. This will provide your company safety as well as the company a piece of mind.

Do You Have Visibility in Real-Time to Key Areas?

This simply means, do you have cameras that can help you view different areas of your building? You're going to want to amp up your security with cameras. This allows you to keep tabs on different areas of your building at all times with no delay of recording.

This is great for front door, side door, and back door access, along with areas that are not normally kept watch (such as garages, basements, stairwells, etc.). Security cameras and video surveillance will help deter theft and crime, as well as allowing you to monitor any activity and suspicious or unusual behavior. Overall, you will not only have an advanced workspace, you will also have a secure one that will protect your workers.

Is it Eco-Friendly?

Having an environmentally-friendly business is beneficial for many reasons, and it's not just regarding the positive impact for the planet. For starters, it will help decrease operating expenses, aka, save the business money. It can be as easy as switching traditional incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps and/or halogen incandescent bulbs. These cut your energy usage by 25% to 85%.

Going green also makes the workplace safer in the sense of sickness. Especially nowadays, many people fear getting sick and can easily do so, and working in the same indoor environment can help the illness spread quicker. One of the best low-cost chemical air purifiers is actually the plant. Not only do they absorb carbon dioxide, which reduces your business’s carbon footprint; they also play a role in removing chemical contaminants from the air which pose a clear and present danger to the health of everyone in the office.

Can You Communicate With More Than a Phone?

Communication with clients or other business representatives through a phone gets the job done. However, what happens if you have poor connection or you need face-to-face conversation? In today's world, it's important for businesses to interact with clients clearly and efficiently. Plus, communication will create a stronger public image.

Video conferencing is an important tool when reaching out to clients and other prospects. Meetings can be held from anywhere, and it's as easy as signing in to a digital platform and putting it on a laptop or large screen.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact ATI today for a zero pressure consultation to discover what solutions may be best to help accomplish your technology needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

James Needham

Owner and CEO, ATI

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