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Business Security: 3 Spots to Have a Camera

Protecting your business is just as important as protecting your home; you have tons of vital information you need to secure, and you have a whole staff you also need to take care of. There is a lot to keep safe, so it's crucial that you install security that does just that- keeps it safe. Cameras are a great way to ensure your business is protected both inside and outside. However, along with the different types of cameras to choose from, you want to ensure you're putting those cameras in priority places. How do you know exactly where to install them? We've got 3 spots you may want to consider.

Warehouses and inventory rooms

If you're producing and distributing a product, you need to make sure that product doesn't go anywhere until it's supposed to. Adding cameras to these locations helps give you full coverage of everything that goes on inside the room and on the floors. Not only will this help deter break-ins, but you will also be putting eyes on employees to eliminate any employee theft.

Outside the building in public areas

Cameras outside the building will help capture anything that goes on around your business, especially in busier areas. For example, cameras facing the parking lots, loading docs where there's a garage door open, and/or any driveways where delivery trucks can enter are high-traffic spots with easy access for trouble. A great camera choice for these public locations would be corner-mounted ones that can be positioned at every corner and angle that can broadly cover the specific area.

Off the beaten path

While cameras in the highly-populate areas of the building are important, it's equally as important to install cameras in more secluded areas. This is because theft and other violent crimes tend to happen in more secluded places, such as an alleyway. Putting cameras in places unexpected will help you capture the criminal. It's also useful to put cameras in areas like back entry doors, stairwells, and other places where you normally wouldn't think to install one.

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