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Getting Your Airbnb Ready for the Holidays

If you're running an Airbnb business, you might be getting some bookings for the holiday season (if you haven't started getting them already). This could be for people in town to visit loved ones, or you may be near a holiday attraction that brings in lots of visitors. Whatever the reasoning may be, you want to ensure your Airbnb is ready for action by the time the first guest visits.

Aside from the spirited decorations, you'll need to ensure your Airbnb is updated with the latest technology. Everything from security to comfort, there are several things you want to make sure of so your guests give you that 5-star rating. Here are some ways to get your Airbnb ready for the holidays:

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Smart locks

Getting smart locks for your Airbnb will help protect your home, whether you currently have guests in it or not. Having a smart lock on your property still gives you control for emergencies, even if you're not there, thanks to the ability to unlock or lock through an app on your phone. These devices also allow your guest to have access to the property during specific times. This way, they're able to get in and out of the Airbnb, but you have control of the days and timeframe that they do. Once they're checked out of the property, they will no longer have access, and you can grant the next guests permission with another security passcode.

This secure system ensures no one except your guests (and you as the owner) can get in during their stay, making them feel secure as well.

Smart garage door controls

For many people, an attached garage grants access to the home. If your Airbnb has an attached garage, then you may want to consider getting a smart garage door control. Generally speaking, a smart garage door opener works with your home's wireless internet connection and sensors on the garage door. This combination is used inside a smart app that allows you to check and see if the garage door is open, shut, or stuck, and can even let you know when it was last opened through history.

This is great for monitoring when you're away and you have guests in the home. Did they enter through the garage? Did they forget to shut it on the way out? This way, you can let your guests know, or if you're in the area, go close it yourself.

Smart AC and heating systems

Whether you're in a warm climate or a cold climate for the holiday season, it's important to ensure you have proper heat and cooling inside the Airbnb to make sure your guests remain comfortable during the entirety of their stay. Smart AC and heating systems are thermostats that connect with WiFi through home automation that controls your property's heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

As the owner, they're great for efficiency and can also save you a bunch of money. A smart thermostat can learn the household's patterns and can adjust the heating and cooling temperatures accordingly when the home is occupied or about to be, which is a great and warm (no pun intended) welcome to any guest walking into the Airbnb.

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