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How Technology Can Enhance Your Business Christmas Party

Christmas parties are a way to celebrate the end of the year as a company. Celebrating your success throughout the year, celebrating getting over any humps the team might've had, or just letting loose together before the holidays helps to bring your business together under the holiday spirit. Whether you're a small company in one building or a more prominent company spread throughout the country, there are ways that technology can bring everyone closer, and make the party easier to plan.

If you're starting to plan your company holiday party, here are some tech-savvy ways to enhance the scene and really get it started.

Digital invitations

Save some paper and get rid of formal invites. A digital invite, or electronic invitation, can help spread the word about the party through the company all through the computer. Send a mass invitation to each individual's company email so they're sure to get the message. They can then add the date and time to their digital calendars and let everything just sync up. It's efficient, easy, and one less thing you need to stress over to get this party started! (There are also plenty of templates to choose from, so you'll never get bored with creating a fun and unique digital invite).

Digital photo booths

You see these types of photo booths at significant events like weddings, so why not spice up your company holiday party with a digital photo booth as well? With the touch of a button, digital photo booths have the ability to take pictures, boomerangs, GIFs, and more that you can have emailed to you and whoever else is in the picture. Or, you can print the pictures out and have a photo strip like a classic photo booth.

This photo booth idea makes any holiday party fun and acts as a new way of bonding. You can even create a logo or put wording underneath the photo booth pictures to say your company name or put the date of the party.

Video conferencing

This is a great idea for those companies that span over the country or even the world. For starters, make sure you schedule the holiday party for all company locations at the same date and time (of course, take into consideration different time zones if they're on different sides of the country and/or world) Then when the party starts, you can get a link to a virtual conference call and have all the different company locations on the call. Whether it's for the duration of the whole party or for a scheduled time, you'll at least get the feeling you're celebrating as one unified company, no matter where you are.


Holograms will really make you feel like you're on a futuristic TV show. Holograms can act as a celebrity endorsement that will make you really feel as if they're in the office with you (and how cool would it be to see them at your holiday party?). You can even do life-size project imaging to display some of your greatest successes from throughout the year. A hologram will really add some extra pizzazz to your company party, and your employees can have some fun with it!

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