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How to Setup Your Smart Home

Congrats! You've decided to take your home to the next level by getting smart devices. Whether you bought one device or have chosen to amp up your house with all of the latest technology, your home has become a step closer to being not only updated but secure as well.

Now that you have the technology to install it, it leads to the question of how you set it up. We've got you covered. Here are some of the ways how to set up your smart home to ensure your smart technology is working at making your house the best it can be.

Setting up voice control

There's no doubt that you've heard of smart home devices that you can control using your voice. To set up voice control, it's easiest to connect to a virtual assistant, such as the popular choices of Amazon Alexa or Google home (there are other third-party assistants as well). These can be set up as a universal control, which can help your home's light situation and appliances, and even be an assistant to your everyday needs. Once you install one of these beauties, smart home living is going to be a breeze.

Connecting voice control to a virtual assistant it's fairly simple, so even smart tech beginners can grab a hold of this. So get ready to ask your smart device to turn on the TV or lower the AC without having to get off the couch.

Use smart plugs

If you're looking to transition from the old tech to the smart stuff, it may be difficult to get rid of everything at once. Instead, purchasing smart plugs will help you progress from old to new. Smart plus can help your older technology work as if it's smart. Test it on smaller appliances like a coffee maker, lamp, or fan, and watch the plug work its magic. Just plug it into any wall outlet and download the corresponding app. Smart plugs also may support voice commands, so they can even tell you details such as how much power was used, and other plugs can be used outside for other things like holiday lights.

Switch to smart bulbs

Smart light bulbs are a great way to conserve energy and brighten up your living space. You install them the same way you screw in a light's that easy! The difference is that from your phone, you have the power to change the color, color temperature, and brightness level of the bulbs. Furthermore, you can program them to automatically turn on and off at any point.

Controlling your smart home with one device

If you went smart-tech crazy and purchased a ton of different devices, it's best to control it all under one roof, and we don't mean the roof over your house! Say you have a smart thermostat, smart security system, and smart TV. Instead of having 3 different remotes, wouldn't it be easier to control everything with just one?

Luckily, a lot of smart technology can be controlled with wifi, so as soon as you get a new smart device, you can connect it to the wifi and download the app that goes with the product. While you may have several apps for different devices, they will all be on your phone, making it an easy way to control everything in the palm of your hand.

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