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How to Setup Your Technology to Prepare for Guests

The holidays are here, and with that comes a lot of prepping, especially if you're hosting. Between the decorations and food, you want everything to be picture-perfect. However, with all the getting ready, you might forget one other important factor that goes into the holiday prep- the technology.

You might have the basics, like being able to dim lights to set a dinner party mood. But what about getting your guests involved and making them feel as if your home is theirs? We've come up with ways to set up your technology in order for your guests to feel as welcome as possible.

Connecting to guest Wi-Fi

Whether your guest relies on wi-fi over data, your house is in a no-service spot, or whatever other reason, having your company connect to a wi-fi service is a very considerate thing to do. You don't need everyone connecting to your direct line (which will keep your personal password safe) Instead, you can create a guest service with an easy and memorable wi-fi password that limits some services but still functions properly. Think of it as if you're asking for free hotel wi-fi!

Although most broadband routers offer the free wi-fi option, you may still need to check your router’s manual to ensure you can do this. If you're able to, it will allow you to provide guests with their own network. You can go ahead and make up your own network name (or SSID) and password. Plus it might be a little fun coming up with your own name.

Music around the house

You might have a speaker that allows you to stream music over Bluetooth and that's great to generate some tunes in a room. However, what if we told you there was a way to get the music going in different rooms of the house at the same time? A smart speaker system allows you to set up multi-room music, so you can play music off the different smart speakers around the house.

Or, if you want to get more intricate, you can install speakers in different rooms of your house, and with an app, you can connect to each room and play either the same music or different playlists. Christmas music in one room, today's hits in another!

Charging stations

Houses have outlets where you can charge your devices. However, outlets are also used for things like plugging in Christmas lights, kitchen appliances, and other necessities that keep your home running. So, when everyone's over and is in need of an outlet to charge their phones, or when friends and family are unwrapping presents and seeing tech-savvy devices and need to charge them to turn them on, they need more than one outlet.

Instead of having everyone run around the entire house and have all the electronics spread out in different rooms, it might be best to consider a cheap USB charging station where you can plug different cords at once. This way, everyone's together and you have a ton of outlets right in one room.

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