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Is Smart Lighting Worth It? 3 Things to Consider

Technology is advancing, meaning that there are so many new things to consider when trying to update your home and/or workplace. At times, when new technology is introduced to the world, it may seem unnecessary to get those upgrades, especially if it doesn't apply to you. When it comes to smart lighting, you're looking at a lighting control system that works between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control, and it's supposed to integrate your entire space.

Although it seems like a good idea, how do you know it you really need a smart lighting system? We've come up with three reasons why you would upgrade to a smart lighting system.

It's Convenient

Having a smart light system allows you to light up your whole space where you want it when you want it, tailoring it to your needs. And, you get to set it up based on your needs, giving you full control over how you want your lights to work, without any of the extra hassles.

With the touch of a button, you can turn on and off your lights from any room, and even set up dimmer settings per room. Aside from having one control panel, you can also do everything from an app on your phone, meaning you can control the lights even when you're not in the area (which is great in case you forgot to turn off the lights). Furthermore, your lights can automatically turn off when you leave the house and turn on when you get home using sensors.

You Save on Your Home's Energy Bill

Having a smart light system is going to help you save electricity. You can control when you want to turn a light on, or when you want to dim it, allowing you to not use a light's full power. Also, being able to automate and remotely control which lights are on helps you make sure you're only using the lights when needed, therefore cutting electrical usage and cutting down the electricity bill. Plus, never worry about wondering if you left the lights on and using unnecessary power. The app on your smartphone allows you to turn it off from anywhere, so there's no need to rush home!

You Feel More Secure

It's one thing for your lighting system to save you money, but it's another thing for it to give you more security and protect your loved ones. If you're away from your home, you can program your smart lighting system to be on "vacation mode," allowing your lights to turn on and off throughout the day, giving off the illusion someone is at home. You can also turn lights off and on, no matter how far away you are, if needed. Certain smart lighting systems can also have motion trigger lights. So, if you want to install lights outside that can catch whoever is outside your house, you can do so!

Interested in Learning More?

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James Needham

Owner and CEO, ATI

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