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Technology Trends for 2023

It's the last week of 2022- can you believe it? With the new year coming in, we're expecting a lot of great things to happen. A new year indicates a fresh start and a lot of changes. The same motto goes for the tech world. Technology progresses every year, from new phones to laptops, to TVs and cars. So, it's no surprise that we are expecting some big trends to take place in the new year. With that being said, here are some of the technology trends predicted for 2023. What are you most excited about?

It'll be an AI world

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has been a thing within the last few years. With that being said, 2023 calls for a ton of it. AI is predicted to be used in real organizations as well as be incorporated into so many jobs and businesses across multiple industries. Even retailers will hop on the trend and use AI to help with complex inventory management. What news does this bring for shoppers on the other side? That means you'll be seeing plenty more ways to shop conveniently, including more curbside pickup, in-store pickup, and buy-online-return-in-store. Retailers and those working at those companies will also work side by side with AI to help with the newest autonomous delivery initiatives that are planned for the upcoming year.

Try blockchain technologies

It is said that blockchain technology-- an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent information sharing within a business network-- will also advance significantly in 2023. This is because companies are trying to create more decentralized products and services. You know how most things we save digitally go to the cloud? Well, what if there was a safer way to store information AND make it easier to retrieve? If we can

decentralize data storage and encrypt that data using blockchain, that is doable.

Look out for NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs, are also predicted to become more usable and practical in 2023. It is even said that things like NFT tickets to concerts will possibly be a way to give you access to backstage experiences and memorabilia. Furthermore, NFTs potentially will be a way to interact with many of the digital products and services we buy. In other circumstances, they could represent contracts we enter into with other parties.

Green technology progress

In a world battling climate change, many organizations are doing what they can to ensure we reduce the carbon footprint. The tech world had put its hands in to help. In the new year, we can expect to see more progress in that area thanks to green hydrogen-- a new clean-burning source of energy. It would produce almost no greenhouse gas emissions. Two major European energy companies, Shell and RWE, are even creating the first major green pipeline from wild plants in the North Sea.

To further the progress, you will see more of the development of decentralized power grids, which would potentially help to democratize power worldwide while decreasing carbon emissions, decreasing the domination of gas and energy companies.

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