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Top Tech. Gifts for Employees and Clients

What makes technology such a great present for the holidays is that there are so many options to choose from to meet various needs, depending on the person you're gifting it to. Better yet, technology can make a great gift to give in surplus for employees or clients to show your appreciation. Instead of bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, or other gifts you can get in bundles for discounts, try something new that people will really love- technology!

We know what you're thinking- there's no way tech. gifts are cheap, especially if you're buying multiple. Well, there's good news. You can actually purchase tech gifts, and numerous amounts of them, without breaking your business budget. These are the top tech. gifts to give your employees and clients to say "thank you" this holiday season!

Coffee Cup Warmer Set

Whether you're working in an office or working from home, a cup of coffee may seem like a necessity to wake you up or give you a midday boost. But after a couple of sips in, you've dived into your work, forgetting about your coffee and having it turn cold. The Coffee Cup Warmer heats your coffee, tea, or other hot beverage that's been sitting out for too long at a toasty 131℉. A simple auto on and off, the waterproof and flame retardant mug warmer auto activates the moment you place your mug on it and shuts off when the mug is removed.

This particular warmer is about $30, and even includes a ceramic mug (but you can use your own as well).

Wooden Station

Looking for a compartment that holds your cell phone as well as a bunch of your other desk materials? The Wooden Station is a perfect, compact holder that not only acts as a docking station that charges your cell phone and smartwatch, but also holds keys wallets, and whatever else you take out of your pocket.

What makes this gift even more special is that you can personalize each station. So if you want to put a company's logo or name, or put each customer's monogram name, this is a great way to show your appreciation. Without personalization, the cost lands at about $35. However, you can still get the customizations for under $50.

TYC Laptop Desk

This is the perfect gift for employees who work from home (or the clients that do, too). Not only can the TYC Laptop Desk withstand weight up to 88 pounds, but it's adjustable too so you can even work while laying down on leaning back on the couch. And while the desk acts great for work, clients and employees can use it for their leisure after hours for propping up their laptops to watch a show or browse the web. For about $33, the desk is a great gift!

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