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Top Technology for Spring

The drastic change from winter to spring brings a lot of work to be done. Now that the snow is melted and the sun is shining, you want to start the seasonal aesthetic and get your house and lawn in tip-top shape. To make sure you're all set up for the spring season, it's essential to have all the latest technology that can help make your home, yard, or anywhere else ready to take on the upcoming months. That's why we've come up with some of the leading technology for spring that you should be setting up.

Smart sprinklers

If you're looking for that stunning curb appeal this spring, you will want to invest in smart sprinklers. A smart sprinkler system works with its natural surroundings, meaning it can program itself to turn on when your landscape needs water. Has it been particularly dry out? Your sprinklers will turn on and make sure the grass is getting watered. Has it been raining too much lately? These smart devices won't turn on in the rain, saving you tons of water (and not to mention, saving a ton on your water bill, too). Plus, with the smart sprinkler's knowledge, your landscape will never be over or under-watered, giving you a nice overall look.

Smart flood sensors

While spring can bring flowers and warmer weather, it can also bring a lot of rain...ever heard the phrase, "April showers bring May flowers?" With all this rain, you might be in danger of floods, especially if you live in a flood-susceptible zone. While flooding can be a tricky situation, a smart flood sensor can give you as much help and as much warning as possible. This system talks to other systems and lets them know about any potential leaks, turns off sprinklers, and gives out disconnection warnings. All of these efforts may even help to prevent floods and minimize potential water damage.

Smart thermostats

These Wi-Fi-connected thermostats will help you control the temperatures in your house even when you're not home. Having a smart thermostat will allow you to use an app on your phone, no matter if you're in the house or away from it. For example, in the spring, you can get really cold mornings but then temperatures rise to warmer weather. Want to turn the heat off? Use the app on your phone to do so! Or if it's an extremely hot day and you need to turn the air conditioning on, you can all with the touch of a button.

Certain smart thermostats can also detect the outside temperature by connecting to an internet weather service. This will also help control indoor temperatures all while saving you some money on your electricity bill!

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