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Top Technology for Your Airbnb

Running your own Airbnb business takes a lot of effort. You have to make sure your property is operating smoothly at all times in order to run an efficient business. With that being said, that might include updating your Airbnb technology. Not only will this help your rentals look top-tier, but it also protects both your and your guests' safety.

With there being so many new upgrades in technology, how do you know which ones are the perfect fit for your business? We're here to tell you the top 3 types of technology you should have for your Airbnb, with some examples of what you should get and the best options.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to ensure the best safety in a property. A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that can lock and unlock a door when it receives such instructions from an authorized device. You can control the locks on your smartphone, which is important if you need to get into your owned property. Or, you can also use a control lock panel for guests to use in order to lock and unlock the entrance to the property.

The Best Smart Lock for Your Airbnb

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

This easy-to-install Schlange smart lock with built-in wifi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere, which is great for controlling an Airbnb. You can either use the Schlage Home app or the Amazon app, as it works with Alexa. You can create and manage up to 100 access codes for your guests, whether, they're recurring, temporary, or permanent. The smart lock is also fingerprint-resistant, with a capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. You can also program optional voice control. This alarm also has built-in alarm technology which senses potential security breaches at the lock. The low battery indicator offers an advanced warning for battery replacement.

Smart Garage Doors

Having a smart garage door means you're allowed to control who gets into the home through the garage. For example, does your home have a key code that allows you to open the garage that's attached to your home? Similarly to owning an Airbnb, if you're not living at the property and need your guests to get into the home via the garage, they can use your smart garage door to open the garage and allow them to open and close it. A smart garage opener can also use your smartphone device as the access panel. The phone uses WiFi integration. Your opener can also send you activity alerts when the door opens or closes. Plus, you can access a variety of features, such as programmable lights and control over who can enter.

The Best Smart Garage Door for Your Airbnb

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

This myQ Chamberlain Smart smart garage control is simple to install and allows you to link your existing garage door opener to the myQ App. This will allow you to control, secure, and monitor the garage from your smartphone. This control is compatible with all major brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 that have standard safety sensors. Not only can it open ans close garage doors, but Airbnb owners can benefit from on-the-go management of daily activities, like never having to wonder if the garage door was left open, receiving real-time alerts when someone comes through the garage or letting them in if needed.

Smart AC

A smart AC can also connect to WiFi in order to control the home. For example, if you've set up your air conditioner with a virtual assistant like Echo or Nest, you can use voice commands to control the AC. Smart air conditioners can also be adjusted remotely with an app, and some units can be programmed to change temperature settings based on the owner's physical location. This can be a great cost-effective way to make both the guests and you as the owner comfortable.

The Best Smart AC for Your Airbnb

ecobee Smart Thermostat with Sensor

The ecobee allows you to place external sensors around your Airbnb, meaning it can detect whether or not a room is occupied. Then, it tells this smart thermostat that it needs to adjust the temperature to make the room more comfortable for the guest. It can also change the temperature when the guest leaves the room. You can set up this smart thermostat with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings.

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