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Why NOW is the Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Property Security

With technology everchanging, there are always going to be new advancements, meaning your company may not always be up-to-speed in the modern world. However, it's important to remain "in the know" with the world around you. This will ensure that your place of business is fully equipped with what's new, especially security-wise. Updated security will help both your clients and workers a safe space to visit. This helps establish trust as well.

If you seem to notice your security system is lagging, then it may be time for an office upgrade. We've come up with 4 ways to update your security system in your corporate world, and how to do so.

Greater Recognition Capabilities through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is truly the definition of smart technology. Essentially, it is when a computer or robot-type computer can do tasks that are usually done by humans. This cuts out the man-made work as well as lessens the probability of human error. With A.I., this can easily boost your company's security.

A.I. can recognize faces, perfect for detecting unwanted visitors that might approach the building. Detecting faces can also help prevent intruders from breaking in and/or identifying someone when needed.

Using A.I. technology can also track any suspicious events that may occur, as well as count the amount people that walk through your doors. It will sense motion in designated areas so it's aware of anything happening in the specific region. If the building is closed for the night, A.I. keeps working with its great night vision ability. This will put your mind at ease for when you feel you need eyes in the front and back of your head, and for when you're not around.

Cloud Storage and Recording

Cloud storage is a method of electronic data filing. Typically, the process uses remote servers that are accessible to you. Through the cloud, documents, records, and other types of digital files are stored. This provides easy access to files at any location and at any time. However, the data you're storing will not be in an obtainable space, eliminating the threat of stealing information on the scene.

Cloud recording allows you to record meeting video and audio to the Cloud (in particular, using the platform Zoom), where the recording file can then be downloaded and/or streamed in your browser. Once the meeting is over, a link to the recording is created and it can then be sent to a user's email. It can then be viewed or downloaded. This helps secure privacy and only allows for those with the link to view the meeting. You will not have to worry about your public space if it's a private matter.

Real-Time Alerts and Mobile Access

The beauty about technological advancements is that a lot of how you're able to control it happens all in the palm of your hand. Your phone can be the center point for all things security.

Whether you need to lock your doors, look at video surveillance, or set your alarm system, you can do it all on your phone without physically being in the building. You can even switch the lights on and off with your phone, which is great if you want to program it so it seems like you're in the office when you're not.

With all the benefits of things you can do on your phone to enhance the security of your building, your phone is also equipped to receive alerts for any potential danger that goes on in your building. Intruder alert? Your phone can inform you when there's a break-in and the alarm is going off. Are your CO2 levels high? Get an alert for when the system needs to be checked.

You can set up your phone to receive all the important alerts and have access to the cameras that are set up, so you can see what goes on in the building, even when you're not there.

Numerous Camera Options

Another great thing about evergrowing technology is that they keep coming out with types of cameras that are better suited for your business. They make tons of security cameras to choose from; ones that rotate freely when mounted and can see in multiple directions, ones that can pinpoint targets up to plenty of feet back, ones that can get a 360-degree view, and ones better suited for the night...the options are plentiful.

Security cameras can help ward off unwelcomed visitors by their visible appearance alone. However, they can detect intruders from all different angles, especially in those "hideaway" places. Plus, you will have footage to keep with you if ever needed again.

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