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Happy Family

Why We Do What We Do.

Enhancing and Protecting Southern California Properties Since 2008.

‌Welcome to the 21st century, where technical information and options can quickly feel overwhelming. All you want is to be safer, better protected, and to have a more efficient technical experience at your office or home. Celebrities are paid to woo you, free offers flood the web, but with something as critical as safety, efficiency, and making your life better, often celebrities and marketing hype just doesn't cut it.

This is why ATI is here to help.

Serving Southern California properties since 2008, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will come alongside you to understand your unique needs and to cut away all the noise to provide the most practical solution for YOU! No hype. No paid voices. No pressure of quotas. Just experts that care, wanting to ensure your technical needs are met and that you are satisfied beyond expectations.

We believe this approach is why ATI has over 800 5 star rated reviews, and has earned the reputation of Southern California's most trusted technical services provider.

We invite you to take a moment to discover the people and experience of ATI for yourself, and give us a call to share your needs. Our zero pressure environment will equip you to make a great decision.

ATI has proudly served the High Desert, Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles County for many years and are grateful to support it's citizens, businesses, and families.


We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Our Mission

We are a full service alarm security company. We help busy home & business owners understand their security, technology & automation options. As a family owned company every system is designed & customized to fit our customers’ needs & lifestyle, to simplify their lives, bring peace of mind & a better quality of life.

Our Values

Unyielding Integrity 

We value transparency, honesty and integrity. They are important for long-lasting, successful relationships amongst each other. If we make a mistake we will always correct it and make it right.

Extraordinary Service  

We deliver high quality service and support. We take pride in our customer reviews as we embody what extraordinary service is. We delight in giving our customers the best experience possible from beginning to end.  

Radical Candor 

We value always being open and not holding back by sharing what is on our minds. We work through every situation no matter how hard it is, treating each other with appreciation and respect.

Continuous Growth 

We focus on continuously improving ourselves in our personal & professional lives. We  focus on the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects, and constantly keep an open mind to new ideas to better enhance our lives and careers. 

Intentional Margin 

We value work & life balance- taking time off when needed to spend time with family, to rejuvenate and relax our minds and bodies to help our souls find balance to live meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Relentless Wow 

We custom design our systems for each customer and their needs. We exceed their expectations by taking the time to provide them the best equipment & service experience with transformational results.

Prioritize People 

Our employees always come first. Our team members are of utmost importance. We invest in their happiness and wellbeing by providing helpful learning tools to enlarge and elevate them to their full potential.

Extreme Ownership 

We take ownership and accountability for our actions - when we make mistakes, we find resolutions that drive better results for the greater good of our company, customers and ourselves. 

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