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Hotel Door Lock

Individual Access Control.

ATI now proudly offering card access control to enhance your property security options and customer experience.

Using Keycard

Access Control Installation.

ATI Technicians help you to upgrade your property and customer experience.

Card access control will enable your property with the following:

  • Monitor all entries and exits with complete control and alerts when there is un-authorized access is attempted.

  • Remote access for complete audit reports so that you can access the information you need from wherever you are and anytime.

  • Complete visibility into who was where, when, and what was accessed. 

  • Improve customer experience with exclusive access

  • And more!


Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Do You Own a Rental Property?

Discover how ATI can turn your AirBnb or property into a wonderful customer, and owner experience. 


‌Proudly providing knowledgeable and practical installation solutions to help our customers experience clarity and peace of mind when it comes to protecting and enhancing their business or home with modern technologies.

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