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3 Great Smart CO2 Alarms

Having a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) alarm for your property is a necessity. These alarms are important because they let you know of any unusual build-up of carbon dioxide in your home or business, therefore protecting your household/company from any potential danger. Not only is CO2 dangerous for the environment, being a contributor to air pollution, but it's also terrible for your health. Health side effects might include headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, sweating, tiredness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and more!

That's why it's important to have a CO2 alarm. A smart CO2 alarm eliminates even more of the hassle and worry than a regular alarm would, giving you more ways to feel at ease, even when you're not on the property. We've rounded up 3 of the greatest smart CO2 alarms worth considering for your next installation.

Home Security Brinks Alarm Best Smoke Detector

Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector works through both Amazon Echo and Google Home and uses voice warnings to alert you of fire or carbon monoxide instead of a typical alarm beep. When there is an issue, this smart detector tells you exactly the room or area the problem is occurring in. And don't worry, you'll be sure to hear this loud yet calming and easy-to-understand alarm. When the alarm goes off, you'll also get an alert through text, phone notification, and/or email, and your smart home appliance (like Alexa) will be able to speak to you about the situation.

This simple-to-set-up detector requires existing wiring of 12-V AC, but has a built-in lithium backup battery with an estimated lifespan of 10 years that will help you get through any power outage. The device can also be interconnected with other Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for whole-home coverage.

Nest Protect

The Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the 2nd generation Nest Protect that you can purchase in both battery-operated and hardwired models. Instead of traditional photoelectric or ionization technology, this alarm uses a split-spectrum sensor. What this means is that it can quickly detect both smoldering and fast-burning fires, and will immediately send you push notifications when it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. You will get notified via voice alerts with other features including a night light option, low-battery alerts, and even a monthly self-test feature to ensure it's operating properly.

The Nest Protect connects to the Nest app, which is easy to use on both iPhones and Androids.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

The First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound monitor will give you immediate push notifications for any important alert (which you can silence through the app). The detector also consists of a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can even customize a night light and can function with the home system, Alexa. Furthermore, you can track battery levels in the Onelink app.

Also, as a bonus feature, this system has an AirPlay 2 feature that enables a wireless multi-room audio system, creating an easy way to stream music anywhere in the home to different iOS and other AirPlay 2 compatible devices.

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