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LA County Crime Update: 3 Things to Know

Have you ever wondered what the crime trend was like in your area, seeing how much better or worse it's gotten over the years? Or, are you planning on moving to a new location and want to know how safe some place is? When looking at a specific area's crime statistics, the county should have all the facts and keep the public in the know. For example, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department puts a statement out regarding the crime happening in the vicinity. If you are a resident, you must become aware of your surroundings Here are three things you should know about LA County crime.

Auto theft

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, grand theft auto cases have risen by 3.64% in a year. In 2022, there were 7,470 cases of grand theft auto (crimes are counted by the incident). The rate increased to 7,742. While this is not a big spike, it is still something to take note of. Make sure you lock your car doors and don't leave any valuables in sight.

Property crime

Property crimes are the largest to happen in LA County compared to any other crime. In 2022, there was a total property crime of 28,315. In 2023, that crime rate increased to 28,908, totaling a percentage increase of 2.09%. Similar to auto theft, while this is a small increase, you should still take precautionary measures to ensure your property is safe. This can include getting a security system with cameras, alarms, lights, or anything else that will make you feel protected.


Not all crime rates have gone up. In fact, burglary is one of the ones to go down in the span of a year. In 2022, burglary was at 4,890 incidents. In 2023, that number dropped to 4,876, that's a decrease of 0.29%. Again, it's important to keep yourself and your valuables secured, so make sure you have a security system that's going to keep these crime rates low and continuing to drop. The more protected and aware you are, the more likely the crime rates will decrease.

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