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5 Home Security Tips for Summer

Summer is an optimal time for being outdoors. Whether it's by the pool or throwing a backyard bash, your outside space is essential during the warm weather. However, with being outside more, you want to ensure your home is safe throughout the season. This includes making sure your outdoor space is protected and secure from unwanted visitors, remembering to lock your doors after you come in for the night, and so much more. To keep you and your loved ones safe at home this summer, here are some home security tips to keep in mind.

Install outdoor motion-activated lights.

It may get darker later during the summer, but you should still get a light that detects any motion once the sun goes down. By installing outdoor motion-activated lights, this is the first defense to letting you know who's on your property. You can get them all around the house so no matter where you are in the house, you will see the lights shine bright on whoever is trying to intrude.

Keep your doors and windows locked.

It's one thing to be home and forget to lock your windows and doors, but it's another to be on vacation and leave everything open. This is a minor security move that will make a big impact. You never know who could be lurking in the neighborhood trying to find any easy entry. Your doors and windows are the gatekeepers to your home, and locks are the easiest and most efficient way to protect what's inside.

Install a smart security system.

If you need protection 24/7, whether you're in the house or on a summer getaway, a smart security system makes for an optimal choice. These systems provide real-time control and monitoring on your phone so you can see what's happening around your home no matter where you are. You can be notified when an alarm goes off, when there's motion at your door, and even when something is unlocked (which you're then able to lock from your device). All of this coverage will put your mind at ease knowing that your house is fully protected everywhere from the garage doors to the back entrance.

Invest in both outdoor and indoor cameras.

When you think of installing cameras, your first thought might be purchasing outdoor ones. While this is a great idea, you may also want to consider indoor cameras. If someone were to ever intrude on your house, you'll be able to catch them on camera in the act of sneaking into your house, and then them inside the house. Not only that, but cameras inside can allow you to see what activity they're doing. You can see what they stole or any other crimes. Having both types of cameras will allow you to catch the culprit from all angles, which will be great evidence if needed.

Set your home to vacation mode.

When you're away, whether it just be an overnight trip or a month-long trip, you never want to let people know that you're away, because you don't know who might overhear and will take advantage of that information. With that being said, you can program your home to automatically turn on lights at points throughout the day and night so it makes it seem like you're home. With smart technology, you can even do it from your phone and can see when the lights are on.

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