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3 Reasons to Consider a QuietCool System

Having a home ventilation system is important for several reasons. Fort starters, it keeps the air indoors both fresh and healthy. Homes need to be able to breathe to make sure fresh air comes in while dirty air goes out. Think of when a room indoor house is too cluttered and smells stuffy and you want to open a window to get some fresh air in. Without ventilation, the air stuck inside can build up high levels of moisture, odors, gases, dust, and other air pollutants that are bad for both your home and your health.

With that being said, you need a home ventilation system that you can trust, and that's where QuietCool comes in. QuetCool has been in the business since 2009, improving people’s lives by combining comfort and saving money. With their lineup of residential fans, there are so many options to choose from that will give your home the ventilation it needs. ATI is an official installer and partner of QuietCool, so we know exactly why you should consider having one of their systems in your home!

Smart Home Cooling Whole House Fan

They Provide a Wide Variety of Fans

At QuietCool, they understand that your house may require different types of fans and that not just one works on the whole house. That's why they have a selection of fans that specifically work for designated sections of the house that may fit your needs better.

Types of fans:

  • Attic Fans: Reduce the risk of mold and mildew build-up in your attic, and keep your home cool, all with a fan that will benefit your bill.

  • Garage Fans: Spend a lot of time in your garage? Or even want to make sure your car is set in perfect condition? Garage fans help push out the heat, harmful gases, smoke, stale air, and more.

  • Whole House Fans: QuietCool does have the option for whole-house fans, and they have many options to choose from. They range from DIY to extra savings, to full-blast cooling (including a roof mount version)!

Feel Free to Accessorize

With a QuietCool fan, you also get the power to control and enhance it thanks to their accessor options. Everything from timers that turn off your whole house fan after set times, to PollenTec screens that help filter incoming air at the windows you use with your whole house fan, to adapters that help special mounting needs for whole house fans, and remote controls that can be used up to 100 feet away, there are so many options to choose from that will only make your fans better!

For more on these bonus accessories, check out QuietCool's page.

You Get All of the Expertise

QuietCool is made up of licensed contractors, installers, and QuietCool dealers (including us at ATI). They also work closely with manufacturing partners- the industry’s strongest wholesale distributors. These distributors then partner with licensed contractors and dealers to bring QuietCool to the consumer marketplace. So when you are looking to install a QuietCool fan, you know you are in the hands of only the best professionals looking to make this process easy, convenient, and inexpensive.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact ATI today for a zero-pressure consultation to discover what solutions may be best to help accomplish your technology needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

James Needham

Owner and CEO, ATI

Proudly Protecting and Enhancing Southern California Properties Since 2008.

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