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3 Remote Control Outdoor Lighting Systems to Consider

Outdoor lighting systems are great for any property, whether it be you're own home or business. Not only will you be able to see where you're stepping, but it provides a sense of security knowing that a pathway or area of the home outside will light up if someone is there (if you expect them to be or not). Having outdoor lighting is also a great benefit if you're having company over and are all hanging out in the backyard with no surrounding lights.

Remote control outdoor lighting is also perfect for controlling when you want lights on or off, including holiday lighting, or simply just turning on a lamp. With so many to choose from, we've picked 3 of the best systems for consideration that will be sure to fit your needs.

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DEWENWILS Indoor Remote Control

The DEWENWILS Indoor remote control system has a strong signal that can operate through walls without interference for a range up of to 100 feet, meaning it doesn't require a line of sight between the remote's controller and receiver. You have the power to turn on and off any lighting fixtures, fans, chargers, and more, giving you total control. This is perfect for when you're decorating with lights outside your home for the holiday season!

This remote control system uses a compact size remote control outlet switch that only needs to use one wall socket, also indicating that it's smaller than most other indoor wireless outlets; but is just as powerful. It's quick to install with no programming or setting up required, and also comes with a 12V 23A battery included.

Fosmon Wireless Remote

The Fosmon C-10683 Wireless Remote Control Outdoor Electrical Outlet Switch is super convenient for remotely turning both your indoor and outdoor lights on and off, including when trying to work those "hard-to-reach" switches. It comes with a WavePoint remote control outlet that features easy pair and un-pair technology, giving you the ability to choose or change the control setup any time you like.

Furthermore, the remote control is durable, weather-resistant, and can be used on anything from lights, to TVs to heaters, sprinkler systems, and more, making it a "jack of all trades" remote. Break it or lose it? This remote includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Syantek Remote Control Outlet

Using the Syantek Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch is perfect for controlling household appliances from a distance thanks to the remote control that has a strong RF signal, ensuring it works through doors, walls, and windows for up to 100 feet. This remote control is great for any indoor appliances, including fans, heaters, and surround systems, but can also work well on outdoor lights.

With one purchase, you're able to get 5 outlets and 2 remotes to ensure you have full access around the house, as well as backup for whenever you need it.

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