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3 Smart Smoke Alarms to Seriously Consider

Using a smart smoke alarm system is a great addition to any house or business. Smart smoke detectors are very similar to traditional smoke detectors in the sense that they give a warning for people to evacuate the vicinity by sounding an alarm when smoke or fire is detected. The difference, however, is that smart smoke detectors can send a notification to your phone when the alarm is triggered...even when you're not home.

Not only will smart smoke detectors let you know when there's a fire, but they can also tell you when the battery gets low or if there is a problem with the sensors in the unit. This is Better yet, the smart smoke detectors use Wi-Fi or similar communication technology to connect to your smart home hub and an app on your smartphone.n

Now that you know how great a smart smoke alarm would be to have, it's time to find which ones are worth purchasing. Here are 3 smart smoke alarms to seriously consider.

Kidde Smoke Detector

Just because it's smart technology, doesn't mean you should pay an arm and a leg for it. This Kidde smoke detector is a budget-friendly, battery-operated, interconnect smart alarm with LED lights. This is a standard detector, so it may not be anything too extra or fancy, but it still gets the job done!

This detector features ionization sensor technology and provides continuous protection from smoke or fire, even during power outages. Its red LED lights provide different operations:

  • Standby Mode: Flashes every 40 seconds to indicate the smoke alarm is operating properly

  • Alarm Mode: Senses a smoke hazard

  • Alarm Memory: Indicates the alarm has been activated

  • Hush Mode: Silences the alarm for approximately 7 minutes.

There's also the green LED, which indicates the alarm's current status and mode of operation.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

This is a great, multifunctional alarm that is both a smart hardwired smoke detector as well as a carbon monoxide alarm. Another cool feature? It can function as a premium home speaker with Amazon Alexa.

With that being said, this alarm has a voice-controlled speaker with a great audio experience at the same time. By using and connecting to Alexa, you can ask Safe & Sound to play music or audiobooks, read you the news, control smart home devices, and more. Its advanced microphones let the alarm hear your voice commands from any direction, even when music is playing.

This 3-in-1 alarm is powered by First Alert’s intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide protection, which warns you about danger in your home and its location with an 85-decibel alarm plus a voice alert. You can connect with First Alert’s Onelink Home app, which can remotely notify you of a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency in your home through your phone or tablet.

Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

This battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector uses two wavelengths of light to look for both fast and slow-burning fires and can give you early voice warning alerts for when there's smoke or carbon monoxide in your home. It also indicates and tells you where the danger is. You can connect is through the Nest app and get phone alerts so you know when something is wrong, even when you're not home. Connect Nest Protect to Wi-Fi and it will send an alert to your phone.

The alarm also comes with app silence, meaning you can silence the smoke alarm with your phone in the Nest app when there's only a little smoke and are not in real danger. Nest Protect Smoke Alarm tests its batteries and gives you a "Nightly Promise" when you turn off the lights. This way you know everything is working and up to power. Another bonus is that there's a motion light for when you're walking under it at night.

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