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3 Ways To Be "Drought Smart"

California has dealt with some struggling environmental issues. Currently, the state is suffering from severe droughts. Reservoirs are at record lows and residents of California are beginning to see the damaging toll it's having on the state. If you're an owner of a property, whether that's you're own home or a business, you may need to step up and do your part to conserve water in any way possible.

With many ways to conserve water, sprinklers are a great step in that direction. You may not realize it, but your sprinklers can be wasting water left and right. They're being turned on when you don't need them. In a drought specifically, you need to make sure you're conserving water whenever possible. That may mean not using your sprinkler system as often.

Switching to a smart sprinkler system will allow you to water your lawn only when needed. The smart system detects when your lawn and landscape could use a certain amount of water, or even save up water and not use any in a drought setting. There are plenty of smart sprinklers to choose from, but we've narrowed it down to three that can help in a situation like this.

Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler System

It might be a long-term setup, but we promise it's worth it. Once you take the time to set up this system, you'll be granted an advanced forecast system that inspects dirt moisture, usage history, and many other features. These programs help to detect whether or not you should water your lawn, which is perfect for working through a drought situation. You won't use an unnecessary amount of water, and it saves you money. This is because the system uses a very low amount of power.

You can use this app on your phone anywhere and whenever, running through six different WiFi channels. It is also EPA WaterSense certified.

Skydrop Halo Smart Sprinkler System

Perfect for those without the patience or the non-tech-savvy, this one is a very very cost-effective and easy setup. Skydrop’s system is also connected through an app and is equipped to work with Google Home as well as Amazon Alexa. It's super lightweight, has eight zones to control, and is also EPA WaterSense Certified.

This specific sprinkler system uses the best-in-class hyper-local weather data from local weather stations. This is used to learn how much water your landscape needs, whether it's for the premises of your business building, or the yard around your house. It takes into consideration real-time precipitation, humidity, temperature, wind, solar radiation, slope, and soil condition, meaning it will detect when you're dealing with a drought.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler System Controller

Another fairly simple installation, this sprinkler system is worked through an app and is clear, concise, and easy to use for maximum control, making it very easy to work with. There are eight zones to control. Each zone has a skip feature, including when it's rainy or windy. The app can be used from anywhere, meaning if you're maintaining a property that you're not currently in (like a corporate building or Air BnB owner), then you can operate it through your phone from elsewhere.

It’s also fully WaterSense certified, meaning you're saving on water, which is perfect in times of drought.

How Can ATI+ Help?

With an ATI+ membership, you'll be able to get priority help for your property, whether it be at your business or your residency. You'll get three one-hour annual on-site visits from our experts who ensure the internet, video surveillance, electrical, HVAC systems, and fire and carbon monoxide are all up-to-date, as well as many other special services. They will make sure everything that is needed to work the smart sprinkler system is operating smoothly, making your system efficient and conserving the water needed.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact ATI today for a zero-pressure consultation to discover what solutions may be best to help accomplish your technology needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

James Needham

Owner and CEO, ATI

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