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Should Your Business Go Wireless? 3 Things to Consider

As technology advances, it becomes smarter and sometimes even smaller. The use of wires has been in the tech world for all things security for years, everything from smoke alarms to wired cameras that help get the best coverage. However, wires seem to be disappearing more and more as we make space for wireless. With wireless security, you are preventing unwelcomed access to computers and data using a wireless network, including Wi-Fi (usually where those trusty handheld devices called phones come in). While wireless may sound better in theory, is it really meant for you and your business? Here are a few things to consider before deciding on if your business should go wireless.

Easy Access

One of the most popular reasons people switch to wireless is because you're able to connect to your security system mostly anywhere at any time, even when you're not at your business, meaning you can access a wireless camera from anywhere and be notified at any time of suspicious activity. Along with this, you can also check your feed from any location because of the featured advanced access control system.

When it comes to the camera itself, you are able to install a main camera in one location and then can install a receiver up to ten miles from it and still have it work together. The signal is also strong enough to go through solid objects such as metal, wood, plastic, and glass- infiltrating up to eight walls.


Because a wireless security system is, of course, wireless, it needs a different power source to rely on. The control panel's components like sensors and motion detectors work using battery power. A battery's life doesn't last forever and can become weak and cause issues to the system, eventually causing it to not work. If you do get a wireless system, it's important to stay on top of switching the batteries when they start to fail, or else your business can be at risk.

Along with a business' vulnerability, weak batteries can cause malfunctions in the systems, such as giving false alarms or being unable to respond to commands. Some systems, however, do alert you when the battery is running low before problems start to arise.


Security systems aren't an inexpensive purchase, especially if you're looking to amp up the protection of your business. You may need a bunch of different pieces for your security system, which can range from control panels to remote key panels, or sirens to sensors. And when you get all of this, you'll also need a radio transmitter to connect the wireless features.

Plus, wireless security is still a newer market trend, which means there is higher demand than wired systems. So not only will you be paying for all these different parts of an advanced security system, but you'll be purchasing them at higher prices, too. And then, you'll need to hire someone to install it all (unless you're a professional who can install it yourself), so the money just keeps adding up.

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