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5 Must Have's of Every Security System

Whether it be for a business or personal property, a modern security system is always a great idea. Below are five key things that your security systems must have according to our team here at ATI.

Security Cameras

Having quality video cameras placed at key entry, exit, and vulnerability areas will enable you to have constant "eyes" even when you can't be there physically. Modern security cameras range in size, definition, and range giving you plenty of options. Our team at ATI will help you figure out the cameras that best suit your unique needs and will oversee the process from start to finish.

Real Time Alerts

If something is going on at your property, you want to know about and right away. For this reason, real-time alerts need to be a non-negotiable for any security system setup. By having real-time alerts, you will know whether to alert emergency authorities, a friend, neighbor, or human resources and fast!

Mobile Access

In today's on-the-go environment, having mobile access to your security system is key so that you can monitor your property from wherever you are and at anytime. View your cameras, alerts, and more directly from your device. Without mobile access, you would not be alerted or be able to respond until back at your desk creating significant risk to you, your property, and those whom are in your care.


The goal of any security system should be to provide maximum security with minimal effort. As a result, any system that provides you with automation options such as scheduling, turn on-off, lock or un-lock, and more will make your job as a manager or homeowner significantly easier.

Easy Expansion

You never know when you may add an additional room, wing, or function to your property. For this reason, a system that enables easy and seamless addition of extra features, cameras, etc. will provide you with maximum flexibility as you grow and expand.

Need Assistance Choosing What System is Best for You?

Contact ATI today for a zero pressure consultation to discover what solutions may be best to help accomplish your security needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

James Needham

Owner and CEO, ATI

Proudly Protecting and Enhancing Southern California Properties Since 2008.

High Desert, Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles area.


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