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Home Monitoring Systems for Seniors

A home monitoring system is a great alarm system that uses wireless communication and also works with your home wifi. It's great for connecting security from around the house. From door and window alarms to motion detectors, to smoke and carbon monoxide, a home monitoring system can do it all. However, these systems can get complicated.

With all the technology advancements, there are so many ways to connect a home monitoring system. At times, it can be tricky, especially if you don't understand how the latest technology works. If you're older, you may not know how to adapt to the latest technology, but you also want it because you need to protect yourself from any health or home danger. More so, being an outsider looking in as a caregiver, you want to ensure your elderly loved ones are safe, even when you're not there. Here are 2 home monitoring systems for seniors that are easy to use and helpful for both parties.

Alexa Together

This is a great system for those who know more familiar with the technology. This voice-activated service can be controlled on a smartphone by using Amazon Alexa. Using Alexa Together can alert your caregivers to specific activities, such as when door sensors are activated. Also, Alexa will notify caregivers if the user hasn’t communicated with the device within a certain period, with ensures they're being watched and being cared for at all times. It also allows caregivers to stop by and check in on loved ones to either visit casually or during worrisome conditions.

Furthermore, if you're in need of help, whoever is using the device can ask Alexa to call for help, and Alexa will immediately contact assigned caregivers. Another important feature is that you can hook up the system to third-party fall detection devices, which will alert caregivers to falls. Wellness Wellness works with, which is a home security system. By the pair working together, you can obtain comprehensive insight into the behavior and safety of seniors who are living on their own. The wellness tracker can alert caregivers of the abnormal behavior patterns of the person being monitored. Examples include such as leaving the home at odd hours or wandering off unknowingly. It also monitors light motion, temperatures, and even security settings in their home.

Not only that, but this wellness tracker tracks their activity levels, bathroom usage, eating habits, and sleeping patterns, and helps manage medications. They can also help detect fires, intruders, and/or medical emergencies. This is a great system for both the user and the caregivers who aren't there to monitor 24/7. You can also pair the system with personal emergency response (PERS) pendants.

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