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Home Security: 3 Spots to Have a Camera

Your home is sacred, you need to protect it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aside from your valuables, you have your family and yourself to protect, even when you're not home. Having a security system of some sort for your home will help you feel safe. A security camera is one of the easiest, most reliable options to guarantee safety throughout the home. While there are so many cameras to choose from, one of the hardest questions to ask yourself is where you should put them. Installing in certain locations will help you get the most out of your camera, and can help the camera do its job in surveillancing larger vicinities. If you're looking to install cameras for home security, these are three spots to have a camera:

Front of the house

The front of your home greets every visitor who comes to your door. And of course, it's a given entry point to your house, making it susceptible to unwelcomed guests. In fact, many burglars will try to break in through the front entrance. Cameras in the front of the house can be video doorbells to protect your porch or anything that gives you a full view from your front steps to the street.

The key to installing cameras in the front of your home is to place them on a higher level to avoid burglars finding them in plain sight and potentially knocking over or blocking the view.

Back of the house

The next most common place for a burglar to make a move is the back of the house. Think about it; the front door is facing a more populated area while the back can be blocked out by fences and is off the busy road. That's why it's important to have cameras in the back at any entry point, such as your deck doors or basement entrance. Similarly to the front of the house, try to keep your cameras out of reach to lessen any potential threats.

The garage

An attached garage is another key entry point for not only you but potential people trying to break in. Whether you have a code or a garage that locks from the inside, it's easy for someone to break in if they can guess or hack the code, or if you accidentally leave the garage unlocked.

The same can go for a detached garage. They may not have entry into your home, but they may have entry to your car or any valuables you may leave in there. Cameras on top of both types of garages can help eliminate the threat.

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