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Security Systems for Apartment Complexes: Video Edition

Having a security system for your home is becoming a necessity. While living in a home requires a ton of protection to ensure you and your family are safe, an apartment complex is really no different. In fact, it may actually be more critical. With a higher crime rate in multi-tenant apartment buildings, landlords and tenants alike can agree on needing a security system around the complex outside and inside, so you can be aware of what goes on from the front doors to the halls. As many different security systems can provide plenty of benefits, we will be focusing solely on video-related protection. Here are some of the best cameras for your apartment complexes and where to put them!

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Dome cameras

Dome cameras are just that- cameras shaped like domes! These security cameras can be installed both inside and outside and can survey wide areas, so you can put them on the lobby ceiling or overhang in a courtyard. Dome cameras also can work in low-light or no-light settings due to the built-in infrared LEDs, and they are discreet and durable so any suspected intruders may not notice them and can be difficult to break.

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are smaller, bullet-looking ones that you can mount on walls or ceilings and are designed for security applications. Typically speaking, bullet cameras are connected to a surveillance system, so they're ideal for monitoring over long distances and over long periods of time. However, they only focus on specific parts of a property, so you may need to install many at different angles if you want to get the entire property covered. This could be great for a stairwell area.

Turret cameras

A turret camera, AKA an eyeball camera, has a ball-and-socket joint that allows you to easily redirect the field of view. The ball-like camera can pivot in any direction inside its socket mount, so it's great having eyes on the whole building (no pun intended). These are also great cameras for low light and infrared, which is great for nighttime watches or even if the lights are off inside the building.

PTZ cameras

A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera is built with mechanical parts that allow it to be re-aimed in order to swivel left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of a scene, which call all can be done remotely using an app, joystick, or computer program. Better yet, it can track objects or provide 360-degree views, which is great for being an outside camera where you can see everything.

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