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Smart Tech for Christmas Lights

As much as we love the holidays, there's one thing we wish we could avoid at all costs- setting up the Christmas lights. While Christmas lights are beautiful when covering the house and the Christmas tree, hanging them up can be such a hassle. What light bulbs on the wire don't work, what chords are getting tangled, which lights don't reach the outlet, it's more stressful than it needs to be. That's where smart technology comes in handy.

With smart technology, it's going to be easier than ever to set up your Christmas lights. Now, it's just a matter of deciding which smart tech is going to help you out and meet your needs the most. Check out our picks for the best smart tech to help put an ease on your Christmas light setup this year.

Twinkly String LED Lights

Holiday lights you'll want to use all year round, these Twinkly String LED lights are worth the higher price point you will pay for them. You can purchase them in different lengths, such as a set of two 78-foot strings that consist of 600 LED bulbs. These lights can be controlled through an app that's compatible with both iOS and Android, so you can turn them on and off from anywhere and set the lights on a timer. You can also change the light colors through the app, including even changing each individual bulb to a different color if you wanted to, adding up to 16 million light combinations to play with.

That's not all! These LED lights can be synced to music. And to top it off, they're weatherproof, so you can decide if you want to hang them inside or outside (or both)!

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

The Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights are large, decorative bulbs that you can put anywhere outside for festive décor, from your house to the outside trees and bushes, to the patio if you're looking to have a festive gathering. You'll never have to worry about your bulbs shattering, as they are shatterproof and waterproof thanks to their durable plastic bulb material.

Every single bulb is able to be set to a different color, and you can do this by using the app or voice control. The app also recognizes photos to help you create light displays with ease. Furthermore, you can add music to your display, which syncs to the color changes in real time.


Twinkly Smart Icicle Lights

Twinkly Smart Icicle Lights are the perfect LEDs to set up your winter wonderland. These icicle lights will really amp up the snowy look, giving your house a beautiful twinkle that gives the effect of icicles hanging from your roof. There's a mapping tool on the lights' app that helps locate the position of each light, including the strings that aren't connected. This way, you're able to design and hang your 4,000 lights the way you envisioned them. The icicles can also turn into patterns and animations by using red, green, and blue color palette options.

The icicles vary in length for an eye-catching display. The powerful mapping tool of the Twinkly app locates the position of each light (even on strings that aren’t connected), so you can design professional, pixel-perfect patterns and animations using red, green and blue color palettes.

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