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Smart Technology for Your Patio

The warm, sunny weather is here! That means you'll spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air, including relaxing in your yard. If you haven't prepped your outdoor living space yet, you may need to start thinking about how to do so ASAP! Many things must be done, including decking out your outside with the latest devices to help turn your space into a party oasis (or just a relaxing one). These smart technology options are great for your patio additions!

Smart outdoor plugs

Smart plugs are a great and economical way to turn your patio into a smart one without all the hassle. These small devices can be plugged into any outlet and give you the ability to remotely control what normally gets plugged into there. For example, without having to get up from your seat, you can control the outdoor lights and turn off the sprinklers. Just like that, you have a smart device, it's that easy!

There are also smart outdoor plug options that include energy-monitoring capabilities, meaning you're able to see the amount of power each device is using. You can also adjust the usage accordingly, which in return will help you save money.

Smart lighting

Want to set the mood for a night on the deck? Smart lighting will help you get there thanks to its ability to dim and brighten lights, turn them on and off, and even set schedules for the lights for whatever times you'd like. The best part? You can do this from anywhere. Depending on the type of smart lighting you choose, you can connect them to smart home devices, being compatible with smart home hubs such as Google Nest or Amazon Echo.

With various options like lanterns, hanging lights, or LEDs, you'll be sure to find decorative smart lights that fit your taste.

Smart firepit

When thinking of smart technology, a smart firepit probably doesn't come to mind. However, this cool accent takes bonfires and S'mores to a whole new level. A smart fire pit allows you to turn the heat on or off remotely as well as schedule the flames to turn on automatically. An eco-friendly tech piece, most smart firepits use ethanol fuel, a renewable resource that doesn't produce any smoke or fumes

Smart outdoor speakers

Whether you're sitting in a lawn chair relaxing or hosting a bunch of friends and family, music is an essential part of the patio. Smart outdoor speakers eliminate the hassle of wires but still produce the crisp, clear sound quality that you would hope to get. With their Bluetooth capabilities, you can stream music wirelessly (so make sure you make a playlist!). Other speakers also include voice control so you don't even have to get up and can keep your drink in hand.

Smart speakers can be placed anywhere outside, are easy to install, and give you the surround sound you would need.

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